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Martin Miller Poynter

As a criminal defense attorney, Martin Miller Poynter knows that good people sometimes get caught up in situations they wouldn't have wished for. Whether you've been falsely accused, or are just trying to plea bargain and minimize the punishment, we can all relate to that. "I guess you could say that growing up, I got into a good bit of trouble. It's probably a miracle that I'm still alive today with all the things I got into when I was younger. I believe in second chances for everyone, regardless of what you're accused of. As long as you're still living and breathing, there's an opportunity to turn your life around for good, through the choices and decisions you make. We are all only human, and I firmly believe that after every fall, there is an opportunity to get back up again."

Personal injury attorney Martin Miller Poynter is a survivor of a serious auto accident himself. Back in 1991, he was rear ended by a tractor trailer on the interstate and was ejected onto the center lane, landing him in the hospital for days. Had the doctors not caught the blood clot behind his right eye, the injuries from this accident could very well have been fatal. "I was knocked unconscious and the first thing I remember was the nurse at the hospital asking me if I knew where I was. I know firsthand just how frightening a serious car accident can be. When I first started practicing law, I worked for the insurance companies and learned how they evaluate cases and deny claims that should be paid. Now I fight the insurance companies when they try to deny victims the fair compensation they're entitled to."

Recent Settlements & Verdicts

  • $418,000.00
  • $405,000.00
  • $191,000.00
  • $180,000.00
  • $100,000.00
  • $78,000.00
  • $61,000.00
  • $800,000.00


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