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Has Twerking Been Outlawed?

Ok, so not really news here, but it is something to think about after Miley Cyrus' infamous twerking on broadcast television.  Apparently this was a hoax that was going around the internet that twerking had been declared illegal by a small town Louisianna mayor.  With the saggy pants ordinances, I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility that you could actually see "twerking" outlawed in some places, if it became a problem that is.  For more information, check out the article linked below:

Nor Is Twerking Illegal

New DUI Laws Too Tough?

I was interviewed recently in Daphne, Alabama, by Fox 10 news reporter Paige Malone about Alabama's new, tougher DUI laws. As a DUI accident attorney, I am hopeful our new laws will make our roads safer, and make people think twice before getting behind the wheel this holiday season. But some may thinks these laws are too tough. Click on the picture below to see the video. What do you think about the tougher laws?

Tough DUI penalties await drunk drivers:

Three Thanksgiving Weekend Fatalities Reported Alcohol Related

Unfortunately, too many people are choosing to drink and drive during the holiday season. Alabama State Troopers are investigating five crashes that killed six people during the Thanksgiving weekend. This is a sad reminder that tragedy can strike without warning at any time. Please be safe this holiday season while out on the road.

Alabama's 2011 DUI Amendments Carry Tough Penalties

Nearly 41% of all breath tests administered between 2003 and 2007 resulted in a reading of .15% or greater. A .15% BAC or greater today will trigger the new provisions of the DUI law and require several new minimum mandatory criminal penalties upon conviction, including double the punishment and an ignition interlock device.

What's Worse? Texting or Drunk Driving?

I read this article today about the top 5 killers of men. I was astonished to learn that texting was more dangerous than drinking and driving. Of course that doesn't diminish the harm involved with drunk driving, but it certainly does serve as a serious reminder that we should never text and drive. Here is the quote from this article, which you can read the full text at the link above: "Stop texting while driving. You've probably heard that texting behind the wheel is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Not true. Texting is way more dangerous. In fact, texting increases your risk of a crash by 23 times (versus 11 times for driving under the influence), according to a Virginia Tech study."

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